How is Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley is a 3D unlocked innovative competitive online game that has become a beloved action adventure game for chain game enthusiasts due to its unique operation mode, dreamy game graphics, refreshing combo battles, and intense PVP experience. In the game, you will play the role of a lost soul and embark on a journey of salvation under the guidance of inscriptions and fragments. In this adventure, you will create your own unique talents and gameplay. Partners from all over the world will gather here to overcome difficulties and challenge the annihilation and disaster brought by the magic dragon....


Choose your Hero

Aleister Hero Character


Aleister, the former demonlord, is always looking at others bearing a malefic grin upon his twisted visage, harnessing all the power he can muster as he directs bolts of pure chaos towards his foes.

Hecate Hero Character


The only place Hecate feels safe is total Darkness, where she envelopes herself and thrives, until it totally consumes her existence. Until that strange familiar odor which vanished, reappears and stabs you - in the Dark.

Theregar Hero Character


Theregar's smile looks intimidating as it is, yet is amplified by the fel green hue of the enchantments he is preparing: As he deflects his attackers, his foes are enlightened by his immense control of the Shadows...

Roth Hero Character


Void claimed all in the Halls of Reflection as Roth rised from the Stone, his voice echoing again in the sultry darkness. His enemies fallen, their eyesight blurred, their powers escaping their body as he consumed their souls...

Valuable items in the game

In game activities, players can expect various rare dropped items, and they can earn various rewards by defeating enemies. Monsters drop a wide variety of items, some as decorations, some as weapons, and some as special items, allowing players to showcase their strength and creativity in the game.

Comments from players

Hu Shun Xiao
I have been playing online games for 15 years, and this game is the best experience I have ever encountered. There is no one like it, it feels great.

Publey Lis, Gamers

Rob Auguste
The plot and hero design of this game fascinate me so much. I spend 3-5 hours every day on it, so I might keep playing it.

Rob Auguste, Gamers

Antonio Kirill
I have played many 3D blockchain games, and I feel great about this aspect because it makes money so easily. In this game, I earned 2 ETH in a week.

Antonio Kirill, Gamers

Summon us

Extraordinary missions have a beginning, and you will be guided by the inscription stone to see the truth of this world. The vast world of Dragon Valley awaits you to explore, and each season is a new journey. On the journey, there are not only life side professions for trade, but also poetry and distant places. In the world of Dragon Valley, doing what you want to do brings rewards.